Clinical Exam Prep


The Clinical Exam Prep is a lab course to prepare nurses for their Clinical Exam at the end of their nursing program. This course is only available live at our Fort Lauderdale, Florida facility.

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  • All Other Degrees

    This course is only available for Nursing majors and those enrolled in a Nursing program.

  • Nursing Degrees

    Course Type: Clinical Exam Prep
    Credits: 8 Semester Credits
    Category: Other
    Length: 3.5 days
    Assessments: 2.5 days of a performance exam in an acute care hospital.

    About This Course

    This course prepares an Associate of Science, Nursing candidate for their Clinical Exam at the end of their nursing program. The course is a 3.5 day Intensive Clinical Exam Prep lab that is offered in our affiliated Fort Lauderdale, Florida facility.

    Course Objectives

    You will learn the necessary details to successfully pass the Clinical Exam at the end of the nursing program including but not limited to:

    • Sterile dressing change.
    • Intravenous piggyback
    • Intravenous push and injections.
    • Writing care plans.
    • Patient care situations for adults.
    • Patient care situations for pediatric patients.

  • About Instructor

    Kathleen Giansiracusa
    Veronica Young has more than 10 years of experience providing training and academic instructional assistance and over 2 years of experience providing Clinical Exam Prep coaching. Veronica graduated from our Nursing Program and received her ASN degree from Excelsior College. She received her BSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing. Veronica’s teaching experience is complemented by more than 13 years of nursing experience. Veronica currently serves as a Hospice Care RN, a position that furthers her teaching and instructional experience through the provision of patient/family education.