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American Military University

American Military University and Distance Learning Systems help you reach your educational and career goals by making it easy for students to transfer credits and enroll at American Military University from Distance Learning Systems. Invest in yourself with our 5% tuition discount for DLSII students/graduates, exceptionally affordable tuition, $0 app fee, $0 transfer credit evaluation fee.

American Military University

  • About

    American Military University (AMU) was founded in 1991 to provide relevant and affordable distance education to service members worldwide. Today, AMU is the leading provider of education to the U.S. military, with a reach that extends to veterans, mission-driven national security and public safety professionals, and more. AMU students appreciate our dedicated support staff trained to help service members and veterans navigate the nuances of the military higher education terrain. Some of the most popular of our 200+ programs taken by AMU students include homeland security, intelligence studies, and emergency & disaster management.

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  • Course Guide
    American Government ACE 3
    American Literature ACE 3
    Anatomy & Physiology I ACE 3
    Anatomy & Physiology I Lab ACE 1
    Anatomy & Physiology II ACE 3
    Anatomy & Physiology II Lab ACE 1
    Beer and Wine in Western Culture ACE 3
    College Algebra ACE 3
    Biology ACE 3
    College Mathematics ACE 3
    Developmental Psychology ACE 3
    English Composition 1 ACE 3
    English Composition 2 ACE 3
    Fundamentals of Public Speaking ACE 3
    Ethics ACE 3
    Health and Human Development ACE 3
    History of the US 1: Early Colonization to 1877 ACE 3
    Introduction to Anthropology ACE 3
    Introduction to Humanities ACE 3
    Introduction to Macroeconomics ACE 3
    Introduction to Microeconomics ACE 3
    Introduction to Philosophy ACE 3
    Introduction to Psychology ACE 3
    Introduction to Sociology ACE 3
    Introduction to World Religions ACE 3
    Life and Teaching of Apostle Paul ACE 3
    Microbiology Lab ACE 1
    Microbiology ACE 3
    Pathophysiology ACE 3
    Nutrition ACE 3
    Pharmacology ACE 3
    Principles of Management ACE 3
    Substance Abuse ACE 3
    Statistics ACE 3
    Technical Writing ACE 3
    Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East Through 1648 ACE3
  • Degrees
    • Associate of Applied Science
      Health Sciences
      Technical Management
    • Associate of Art
      Counter Terrorism Studies
      Criminal Justice
      Early Childhood Care and Education
      General Studies
      Military History
      Real Estate Studies
      Retail Management
      Supply Chain Management
      Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness
    • Associate of Science
      Database Application Development
      Explosive Ordinance Disposal
      Fire Science
      Paralegal Studies
      Public Health
      Space Studies
    • Bachelor of Applied Science
      Health Sciences
      Technical Management
    • Bachelor of Arts
      Criminal Justice
      Emergency and Disaster Management
      General Studies
      Government Contracting and Acquisition
      Homeland Security
      Hospitality Management
      Human Development and Family Studies
      Intelligence Studies
      International Relations and Global Security
      Middle Eastern Studies
      Military History
      Political Science
      Retail Management
      Reverse Logistics Management
      Security Management
      Supply Chain Management
      Transportation and Logistics Management
    • Bachelor of Business Administration
      Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Science
      Business Analytics
      Criminal Justice
      Environmental Science
      Fire Science Management
      Healthcare Administration
      Health Information Management
      Information Systems Security
      Information Technology
      Information Technology Management
      Legal Studies
      Natural Sciences
      Public Health
      Space Studies
      Sports Management
      Sports and Health Services
      Electrical Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science (BSN)
    • RN to MSN