Distance Learning Systems™, Disclaimer

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It is understood that Distance Learning Systems™ is an online learning platform and test preparation company and not a college, university or credit granting institution; therefore, the student must be enrolled in a college or university and transfer test results into that institution for credit to be granted. Tutorials will be delivered to the student via a secure electronic delivery system. While credits can be transferred to over 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, it is the responsibility of the student to confirm acceptance of specific exam scores for credit at the school of their choosing. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to pay any additional testing fees to any independent testing agencies administering credit-by-exams. Additional test fees are not paid to Distance Learning Systems™, nor is Distance Learning Systems™ responsible for paying testing fees on behalf of the student. If a student fails to pass an exam or course on the first attempt, Distance Learning Systems™ will allow the student to repeat that same course. Retakes of any course must occur within 6 months of submission of an official failure report to Distance Learning Systems™. Tutorials and tutoring will be delivered to the student via contractual agreement from third party sources. I understand each course is self- contained; however the instructor may suggest additional reading materials that if purchased, will constitute an additional expense that I am solely responsible for. Completion time for each course is typically 4 to 8 weeks.

Distance Learning Systems™ claim of “$200 Million in Tuition Savings” is based on the 20,000 plus enrolled clients. The average of 1 year of in-state and out-of-state tuition was compared to the average cost of 10 courses (1 year of courses) completed via Distance Learning Systems to identify a per client savings of $7,811.00.

Distance Learning Systems™ claim of “97% National Pass Rate” is based only on the clients that have enrolled into the Distance Learning Systems™ program since 2009 and submitted their test scores up to December 2017 and therefore subject to change.

Distance Learning Systems™ claim of “2,000 Active Clients” is based on the clients that have enrolled into the Distance Learning Systems™ program and are on a current class roster, future class roster, or logged into the classroom at least once each 30 days over the entire 2017 calendar year. The number of active clients is determined at the end of each month and therefore subject to change.

Distance Learning Systems™ claim of “40,000+ Credits Earned” is an accumulation of all the clients that have enrolled into the program have submitted their passed exam score up to December 2017 and therefore subject to change.

Distance Learning Systems™ claim of “Money Back Guaranteed” is as follows: DLSI™ locations will allow any student who fails a course one retake of that course free of charge. Affected students must reschedule and begin the retake within 30-90 (thirty- ninety) days following completion of the original course. A student who repeats any class under this guarantee, will receive all materials and tutoring available to the general student population. If a student fails the 2nd course attempt, DLSI™ locations will issue a partial refund of the cost of the specific course, provided that the following terms and conditions were met: 1: The purchaser must provide proof that all assignments that were part of the course were completed. 2: Attendance policies must have been met. 3: No refund will be made unless the buyers’ financial obligation to DLSI™ locations or the tutoring company has been paid in full and no outstanding fees are due. There are no other guarantees, written or implied, that extend beyond the description contained herein. To request a refund, please contact Academics at academics@dlsii.com.

Distance Learning Systems™, Refund Policy:

Should a customer purchase coursework from Distance Learning Systems™ and utilize the products and services provided, that customer may request a full refund if such refund is requested, in writing, within 3 (three) business days of the date of purchase.

A customer with a current retail installment contract may vacate that contract with no further obligation to pay under the following guidelines:

Contract Transfer

1) All payments on the current customer contract must be current
2) Existing customer must locate and refer a new customer willing to enroll in a program offered by DLSI™. The Paid-in-Full amount, or financed balance of the new account must be equal to or greater than the current contract balance owed by the DLSI existing customer
3) When applicable, the new/replacement customer must qualify for the program he/she is willing to purchase; IE: LPN/LVN/Paramedic required for ASN program entry
4) Any new, replacement contract must be approved prior to enrollment of a new student.
5) No derogatory credit reporting prior to conversion will be changed or updated due to any such transaction

Replacement of an existing customer contract with a new customer contract, under the guidelines above is at the sole discretion of Distance Learning Systems™ Indiana, Inc.