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You may be eligible to receive transfer credit to Indiana Tech and apply the credits you earn toward your continued education and career advancement with Indiana Tech. You may also be eligible for a Corporate Scholarship, equivalent to a 20% reduction in tuition to the College of Professional Student undergraduate and graduate level degree programs offered at Indian Tech. Indiana Tech has evaluated and approved 14 DLSI™ courses as eligible for transfer.

Indiana Tech

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    Indiana Tech and Distance Learning Systems™ help you reach your educational and career goals by making it easy for students to transfer credits and enroll at Indiana Tech from Distance Learning Systems™.

  • Course Guide
    Anatomy and Physiology Elective General Science Elective, non lab 3
    Biology Elective General Science Elective, non lab 3
    College Algebra Course for Course MTH 122 3
    College Mathematics Course for Course MTH 109 3
    Developmental Psychology Course for Course PSY 105 3
    Ethics Elective GE Humanities 3
    History of the U.S. I Course for Course HST 201 3
    Intro to Humanities Elective GE Humanities 3
    Intro to Psychology Elective GE Social Science 3
    Intro To Sociology Course for Course SOC 101 3
    Intro To World Religions Elective GE Humanities 1
    Microbiology Elective General Science Elective, non lab 3
    Principles of Management Course for Course MGT 300 3
    Substance Abuse Elective GE Social Science 3
  • Degrees

    Accounting (A.S., B.S.)
    Business Administration - Health Care Administration, B.S.
    Business Administration - Human Resources, B.S.
    Business Administration - Management Information Systems, B.S.
    Business Administration - Management, A.S.
    Business Administration - Management, B.S.
    Business Administration - Marketing, B.S.
    Business Administration - Production Management, A.S.
    Business Administration - Business Communications, B.S.
    Business Administration - Entrepreneural Studies, B.S.
    Business Administration - Financial Services, B.S.
    Child Developement, B.S.
    Communication, B.A.
    Criminal Justice - Administration, B.S.
    Criminal Justice - Rehabilitative Services, B.S.
    Criminal Justice, A.S.
    Criminal Justice, B.S.
    Cybersecurity, B.S.
    Electrical Engineering, B.S.
    Emergency Response Management, B.S.
    General Studies, B.S.
    Health Information Management, B.S.
    Health Information Technology, A.S.
    Human Services, B.S.
    Information Systems, B.A.
    Information Systems, B.S.
    Information Technology, A.S.
    Organizational Leadership, B.S.
    Psychology, B.S.