Natural Science and Mathematics

Prerequisites: Microbiology 

College Credits: 3  

Microbiology is a course intended for students interested in learning about the microbial world and how the microbial world influences human actions and interactions. This course covers principles of microbiology with emphasis on microorganisms and human disease. Topics include an overview of microbiology and aspects of medical microbiology, microbial growth and control, microbial evolution, genetics, and genetic modification, the effects of climate change on microbial environments, naming and classification of microbial organisms, identification and control of pathogens, disease transmission, host resistance, public health and industrial microbiology, and immunity. This course also includes instruction in microbial genetics, cell biology, cell physiology, virology, pathogenic microbiology, environmental microbiology, and laboratory methods including microscopy. In the course we will address not only the ability of microorganisms to cause disease, but also their role in research, their importance in functional ecosystems and their economic significance.

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