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You may be eligible to receive transfer credit to Trident University International. This means that you can select from any of their bachelor degrees and apply the credits you earned toward your continued education and career advancement with Trident University International. Trident University International has evaluated and approved 15 DLSI™ courses (a total of 41 credits) as eligible for transfer into a Trident University International bachelor's degree program.

Trident University

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    Regionally accredited, Trident University is made up of three key differentiators that creates a dynamic learning approach like no other. EdActive™ Learning is unique because the learning outcomes prepare our students for the workplace by enhancing their ability to think, to learn, and to solve problems. 100% accessible online, combined with no daily micromanagement promotes a flexible learning environment that enables adult learners to excel at a manageable pace. Affordability is key to our overall success for our students. We keep our tuition costs as low as possible, so the students receive an excellent education at a great value.

  • Course Guide
    College Algebra Course for Course MAT 150 3
    College Mathematics Course for Course MAT 101 3
    History of the U.S. I Course for Course HIS 201 3
    Health and Human Development Course for Course CHS 202 3
    Anatomy and Physiology Course for Course ANT 250 I 3
    Biology Course for Course BIO 101 3
    Microbiology Course for Course MIC 100 3
    Intro to Humanities Elective General Education 3
    Intro To World Religions Elective General Education 1
    Ethics Elective General Education 1
    Substance Abuse Elective General Education 3
    Developmental Psychology Course for Course PSY 101 3
    Intro to Psychology Course for Course PSY 101 3
    Intro To Sociology Course for Course SOC 201 3
    Principles of Management Elective General Education 3
  • Degrees
    Degree Programs

    Business Administration w/ Safety Management
    Computer Science
    Information Technology Management
    Health Administration
    Health Sciences
    Homeland Security
    Business Administration
    Human Resource Management