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Bellevue University

Bellevue University

You may be eligible to receive transfer credit to Bellevue University and apply the credits you earn toward your continued education and career advancement with Bellevue University. Bellevue has evaluated and approved 15 DLSI™ courses as eligible for transfer.

Bellevue University

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    Bellevue University and Distance Learning Systems™ helps you progress toward your educational and career goals by creating a smooth transition for students enrolling at Bellevue University from Distance Learning Systems.

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    Bachelor Degree Programs (Online)

    Accounting - BS
    Adult Education - BS
    Behavioral Science - BS
    Business - BS
    Business Administration - BS
    Business Analysis and Management - BS
    Business Analytics - BS
    Business Leadership and Management - BS
    Child Protection and Juvenile Justice - BS
    Communication - BS
    Communication Studies - BAS
    Communication Studies - BA
    Computer Information Systems - BS
    Computer Information Systems - BAS
    Criminal Justice (Cohort) - BS
    Cybersecurity - BS
    Emergency Management - BS
    Graphic Design - BA
    Health Communication - BA
    Health Science - BS
    Health Studies - BS
    Healthcare Management - BS
    History - BS
    Hospitality Management - BS
    Information Technology - BS
    Intelligence and Security Studies - BS
    Intelligence and Security Studies - BAS
    International Business Administration - BS
    Investigation - BS
    IT Operations Management - BS
    Leadership - BS
    Legal Studies - BS
    Liberal Studies - BA
    Management - BS
    Management of Information Systems - BS
    Management of Human Resources - BS
    Marketing - BS
    Mathematics - BS
    Nursing (RN to BSN) - BS
    Professional Psychology - BS
    Project Management - BS
    Psychology - BS
    Psychology - BA
    Security Management - BS
    Software Development - BS
    Sports Management - BA
    Sports Management - BS
    Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics Management - BS
    Sustainability Management - BS
    Systems and Network Administration - BS
    Web Development - BS